Monday, November 12, 2007

Why Does Disney Always Kill The Parents

There was a great web site that listed all the Disney parent deaths, but it went down a couple of years ago. Since Enchanted has been released, I've resurrected their list here, for posterity. Enjoy!

Movie Mother Father
A Bugs Life   MIA
Aladdin Orphaned  
Atlantis MIA? MIA?
Bambi Murdered by hunter MIA for most of the movie
Beauty and the Beast MIA  
Brother Bear Mommy bear dies  
Cinderella Dead Dead
Dinosaur Scared away forever ?
Dumbo   MIA
Finding Nemo Killed at beginning of the movie  
Hunchback of Notre Dame Killed ?
Jungle Book Orphaned Orphaned
Lilo & Stitch Dead Dead
The Lion King   Brutally murdered in a stampede
The Little Mermaid MIA  
Peter Pan Orphaned Orphaned
Pinocchio MIA  
Pocahontas MIA  
The Rescuers Orphaned Orphaned
Snow White Dead Dead
Tarzan Eaten at the beginning of the movie Eaten at the beginning of the movie
Toy Story   MIA
Toy Story 2   MIA

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