Friday, September 15, 2006

Fight Back Against Junk Mail

At our house, we get an average of one credit card offer per person per day. These offers usually include an annoying application partially filled out with personal information. They also contain other junk, along with an envelope with its postage prepaid by the solicitor in the hopes that it will be returned. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of getting these wasteful letters all the time. They waste resources in the production and transport of them, and they cost me time since I must dispose of the sensitive portions by shredding. Now, the only reason these companies send these solicitations is because they are profitable. The minute they stop making money through these, they will stop sending them. Through the postage paid envelope, these companies have given us the seeds of their own destruction. We can cost them time and money by returning the junk mail back to them in the return envelope. Here’s two weeks worth that I plan on mailing tomorrow: Remember to remove all personal information from the junk you return if you want to remain anonymous: If everyone in the US returned only one piece of junk mail a week, the junk mail industry would fail. I know you can do it: return your junk mail today!

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