Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Home Listings Maps

*Update* It looks like Map Builder is changing over to a new server to handle all the traffic you guys are generating. :) I'm not sure when they'll be back up. When they do I'll have some new map data ready to go, so keep checking back! *Update2* The maps are live again, but they've disabled data importing for the moment, so no new maps until they re-enable or I find an alternative. I’ve been trying for some time to find a decent way to map home listings in the greater Sacramento area. The number of listings has been growing steadily since the beginning of 2006, and a map would help our understanding of the market immensely. Unfortunately, access by mere mortals (a.k.a. people who aren’t agents) to the MLS is limited to a handful of crappy web sites. The brokers controlling the MLS don’t want regular people to know what the housing market is doing in their area. They even go so far as to charge their own members (.pdf) for access to statistical information. Some web sites are coming on line that should eventually help with the problem, but for now, they are still incomplete, or inaccurate. That being said, it is still possible, with some effort, to create a picture of the market. Below, I’ve put together four maps of listings data for the region. I hope to add more and update them in the future, but for now, this is the best I can do. These maps are hosted by Map Builder, so you must click on the map image or the  MyMaps at MapBuilder.net  icon to view the interactive version. Elk Grove Zip Code 95757 Data gathered April 2, 2006 MyMaps at MapBuilder.net Pocket Area Data gathered April 3, 2006 MyMaps at MapBuilder.net Natomas Data gathered April 4, 2006 MyMaps at MapBuilder.net Yolo County Data gathered April 4, 2006 MyMaps at MapBuilder.net


smed said...

great work!! now if we could just get "days on market" - it would really help the scales fall off the "believers" in the religion of real estate

Andrew Bidochko said...

1. Import is up and running;
2. Real Estate feature has been added to MapBuilder.net. Check this out http://www.mapbuilder.net/RealEstate.php